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Come Clay With me

I opened Stoka Clay Studio so I could share the amazing benefits of clay making with others. My goal for the pottery studio is to provide a fun welcoming environment for people to relax, clay, laugh and walk away feeling happy and inspired. My studio is fully equipped with two kilns and all the equipment required to complete your pieces here at Stoka Clay Studio.

  Vrinda Hansen 

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My Studio 

Located in the beautiful Upper Duroby, a quiet, peaceful, tucked-away oasis in the Tweed Valley. Located less than 10 minutes from the renown Husk Distillery my studio offers a place to genuinely slow down, unwind and relax. 


Stoka Clay Studio is not a business, not a franchise, its my home, I had a big shed, I put a wheel in it, then I put a kiln in it, then bam it became the place to be! I am simply opening up my creative space to share with others a few times a week. If you like it here, you're welcome to become part of the clay family. I'm passionate about pottery and I love sharing it with others. 

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