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Clay Club
Weekly Pottery Classes 

The weekly clay club is for those who have finished one of my 4 week wheel courses and just can't get enough and want to continue their pottery journey in a friendly encouraging environment. Please note, although pottery is our main aim, fun, laughter and friendship are also part of the weekly sessions. Please note, this is my home, my passion although you to do pay to take part, I am not a big "business" with staff so from time to time we may need to reschedule or catch up a class here or there. This is a very laid back environment and I always try to be as accommodating as I can. 


If you have not attended one of my wheel courses and already have wheel experience and would like somewhere to continue your craft please feel free to contact me. I do offer my previous students first priority however you can go on the wait list. Although my studio space is large, my operation is small and intimate with max 6 students. 

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