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About Me
Vrinda Hansen | Mother | Wife | Horse Lover | Country Lover | Clay Addict 

The Birth Of Stoka Clay Studio 

My passion for ceramics was awaken after a day out in the country (Clunes NSW) with some friends attending a hand building workshop. I had never done pottery before, when I thought of pottery I thought of the potters wheel. There was no wheel, just a big table with some clay to manipulate with our hands. It wasn't until I went back to collect my pieces I had made that the fire was really ignited. I could not believe that I had made a bowl and two mugs with my bare hands! ME! the most un "artist" person I knew. I can't draw or paint  but I managed to turn a lump of clay into something usable. I'll be honest my work has come A LONG WAY since then but hey we all have to start somewhere. 

I have created a beautiful space on our 15 acre farm where I live with my family, our two mini dogs Bala & Pali and our  horses Stoka & Sharma the most beautiful Haflingers you will ever see ( in my opinion). 

Stoka Clay Studio is more of a clay family than a "business" I want to share this incredible medium with anyone and everyone who is even the slightest bit curious about clay. There are SO SO SO SO many benefits when creating with clay whether it be hand building or throwing pottery on the potters wheel. These are the feelings pottery can evoke:

Calmness | Relaxation | Grounding | Quietness | Stillness | Mind fullness | 

Therapeutic | Happiness | Joy | Excitement | 

I am the maker of Stoka Ceramics, and teacher of most of the hand building classes. If it's not myself it's my daughter Lila who is also a passionate and talented potter something we share :) or my good friends and fellow potters Megan & Rachael. 

We look forward to claying with you soon. 

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